Low whistle is just like a stadard penny whistle, only a little bit longer size and a little bit lower in sound. This instrument became popular in the last decades because of its mellow voice. Comparing low whistles to the same size recorders you will find its sound is not so clean, but has got some kind of breathy background.

The instruments you can find on this site are made of aluminium in a small workshop in small quantity. We try to make them to be the best focusing to sound quality and simplicity. 

There are significant differences between low whistle and low whistle. They are different in back pressure, tone quality, tuning precision, volume, mentioning only the most important attributes. Instrument makers allways has to balance on these ones. For example stronger low register makes hard to blow the upper registers. If we improve anything on a whistle, that modification has got multiple drawbacks on other fields. The art of whistle making is the art of balancing.